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0.9.45-14 Streaming Changes « MTN -x Checkin Announcements « I2P Development
Thu, 30 Apr 2020, 01:01pm #1

This is the "Westwood+" implementation for ticket 2719, developed and tested with zlatinb. The original idea for Westwood was from jogger, who proposed using it for SSU.

Warnings from 0.9.45-8 post still apply.

Early test results show outbound speed improvements of up to 40% on poor (lossy) connections. The less the loss, the less the improvements.

Please test and report results.

This is the last of the major streaming changes before the 0.9.46 release, but there may be additional tweaks.

We are testing and committing the changes incrementally to make sure we fully understand each change and its effects. Thanks for your patience.