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Wed, 29 Apr 2020, 12:19pm #1
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some people have told me they want to make websites with MuWire hashes, similar to torrent sites. But MuWire does not rely on a tracker so until now it was not possible to tell whether the file is still available on the network.

mwtrackerd is a project to provide tracking functionality to files shared on the MuWire network. Currently it provides the bare minimum functionality that would be needed by a tracker site. The current JSON-RPC api is documented at https://github.com/zlatinb/muwire/wiki/Tracker-...

If you are interested in running a site with MuWire hashes, get in touch. I'm looking forward to adding more features as they become necessary.


email: zab@mail.i2p Irc2P/keybase: zlatinb
blog: http://zab.i2p
MuWire: http://muwire.i2p
MuCats: http://mucats.i2p
MuWire nickname: zlatinb@3k2gijdfdcuczkfypfddj4qsnnf744mj