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Sat, 11 Apr 2020, 09:55pm #1
I2P Legend

Due to screen-time requirements I decided to run dirty for a while. It feels like not changing your underwear for a very long time. You do get a better understanding of what is going on but so do the a-holes.

To sumarize what is going on the routers I control.

1. The vast majority of users run one router doing normal things under 1M.
2. There are Legends Power users that do use a lot of bandwidth.

This is where it starts to get exciting.

Other Power Users:
1. The best are European with the ocasional Russian router that use very well curated reseeds. They dwell for less than a minute ONCE at speeds between 0.3-1.2M on my routers never to be seen again. Masters baby!

2. Equaly good are some US NorthEastern Seabord which dwell multiple times around 2 minutes. Some I see again some I don't.

3. ADFs (arogant dumb fucks). These guys don't even use i2p. They use backdoors in IME (Intel) and NVIDIA (video) to mimic Snark. Basically they use one hop my machines to linger 45 minutes to 2 hours "to share feelings". You can't see them on Activity Monitor but only with some special hardware. They use what appears to be off the shelf standard software that runs at speeds of 0.3, 0.6, 1.2 and even 2.3M. Mostly they use government IPs but some crypto whales and cash for crypto along with some private entities use it too.

The media wants to portray that Russians and US hate each other. It does not appear so...

I don't know how much you care about shit like that but if you are a z-crypto from Georgia communicating with some cash for crypto in Montana you better find some other potsy.

I currently don't use this specific hardware but I did use it when playing the money game. It is a Optically Isolated Ethernet T. This is a cure all but 3G backdoors. It does require some work and an additional machine.

What to do when you discover the activity and want to stop it. It is as simple as a "ping". Ping the weaker party and their software will shut off. Yeah I do it through a clean Tor circuit and a website but I always say... fuck'em.

Just some wishes for the current situation: If the virus takes ADF to Hell... I personally won't miss them. I would actually feel relief and joy... but let's not plan to far ahead.