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Sun, 29 Mar 2020, 05:58pm #1
I2P Legend

In all of these OSes the headless router is the way to go even if the Repo is available.

1. Pure OS. This is from the makers of Librem Laptops that claim compatibility with Qubes (I take that with a spoon of salt).

It is a Debian without Wayland that tries to mimic Atomic/SilverBlue (does not come close but a try nevertheless). i2p can be installed from the Debian repo but it will be slow. To install the headless the best way is to install from repo (sudo apt install i2p , install open-jre-headless, install headless router and remove the repo i2p sudo apt remove i2p). Very secure Debian that would have made a good Qubes VM and it is a very secure environment for the headless.

2. POP OS. This is from the makers of System 76 computers and is Ubuntu from repos not controled by Microsoft. Luks works only on their computers. OK for privacy and security.

3. Solus Mate (the other versions crap-out on update). The Irish guys thought to get rich like the Mint folks (sold out for 600 million decades ago). This is a real chalenge install since apt and apt-get don't work. I leave this as a mistery but if you are hard pressed they do offer open-jdk-8 with i2p 0.9.33 version. One word of caution: update a few and reboot often!