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Fri, 28 Dec 2018, 11:09pm #1
I2P Legend

We have a VIP on i2p!

This is a guy behind the best standard MITM protection among other things. I do use a lot of his code and databases.

Just some things you are familiar with:
3rd party request blocker (standard and better in Icecat)
Healthy Onion
Tor email
etc etc 2 many to list

It appears that his i2p site lacks the finesse displayed by a great number of veterans. I did add the site to my address book but I'm entering my semiconductor detox for a few month.

If you can't access it or if you like to send him some tips about i2p, or just plain Tore email just check

I am great-full for his work.
I'll be cracking the wip again in a few month...