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Sat, 13 Oct 2018, 01:42pm #1
I2P Legend

1. There is a new tool for Rasbery I2PD users.
This key has a C module which allows part or all i2pd to run independently and somewhat securely.
The company wants to break into the medical devices. Dream ON! If they make it into refrigeration it would be a mirracle. Who knows? With the actual level of corruption and mediocrity some optical isolation (aka fiber) and UPS (uninterupted power supply) the sky is the limit...

There is a mortal threat to Snark, Free Net, PirateBay and other torrent sites. http://tparser.org/ I tried this Rusky torrent finder (for research purposes of course...) is very fast and clean (not a bad peer or download yet but I did clean them with a DSP chip just for further research).
The only Russian I speak revolves around contraband (Chelovek/Gospodin idi suda! Pashli! Pacupaia Vodca? = Dude/Sir common over! Get inside! Would you like to buy some Vodca? These are memories from the good old and profitable days of Gorbi's prohibition... oh how I miss them).
My point is that I do not understand the tech wiki enought to make other recommendations but ... Hire some Russians please at least for Snark!

Hope you enjoyed as much as a good shit in the morning!