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3 month cycle

Target release: Week of May 25
Roadmap: http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/get-involved/roadmap


open tickets with this milestone: http://trac.i2p2.i2p/query?status=!closed&m...


0.9.46 contains significant improvements in the streaming library that should increase performance. We have completed development of new end-to-end encryption (proposal 144) and have opened up the configuration option to allow wider testing.

This is the last release that will support Java 7, the Debian packages Wheezy and Stretch, and the Ubuntu packages Trusty and Precise. Users on those platform are encouraged to upgrade so you may continue to receive I2P updates.


Big changes in by: Early April
Feature freeze: Late April
IRC meeting to review requests for console home page changes: May 5
Tag freeze: May 13, 5 PM UTC
Checkin deadline: May 22, 5 PM UTC
Review deadline: May 24
Release: Week of May 25
Android/F-Droid/Maven: Week of May 25



- ECIES-X25519-AEAD-Ratchet encryption complete, ready for testing (proposal 144)
- Hidden Services Manager: Redesign edit pages
- i2psnark: Fix marking torrents as BAD at startup
- NetDB: Support ECIES replies to lookups (proposal 154)
- RRD4J 3.5 replaces jrobin
- Streaming performance improvments using Westwood+ congestion control

Bug Fixes

- Hidden Services Manager: Fixes for changing shared client options, prevent changing certain options while tunnel is running
- Reproducible build fix
- Streaming: Multiple fixes
- UPnP: Several fixes for changing interfaces and devices


- Build process changes to support git
- Console: Don't show IPv6 temporary addresses as bind options
- Console: Fix up javascript, stricter Content Security Policy
- Crypto: Disable speculative tagset usage
- Eepsites: Add Jetty GzipHandler for Jetty 9.3+
- I2CP: Disable gzip for HTTP server tunnels and i2psnark
- i2psnark: Connect out to other seeds to fetch new comments
- i2psnark: Support file paths in add form
- NetDB: Don't send "fake hash" to indicate exploration
- Profiles: Change "decay" algorithm
- Profiles: Limit average speed calculation to high capacity peers
- Router: Auto-floodfill now class N minimum
- Router: Checks for key certificates in destinations (proposal 145)
- Router: Enforce minimum version for tunnel peers
- SusiDNS: Support adding Base 32 addresses
- Translation updates

Full list of fixed bugs: http://trac.i2p2.i2p/query?resolution=fixed&amp...

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