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Sat, 18 Apr 2020, 04:50pm #1

By popular demand

Typical use case: convert a clearnet torrent (or one without any trackers that was generated after adding a magnet link) to one suitable for upload to postman's tracker

requires dev build 0.9.45-10 or higher

# if I2P is running, move torrent file out of i2psnark dir

java -jar /path/to/i2p/lib/i2psnark.jar metainfo -a http://tracker2.postman.i2p/announce.php /path/to/file.torrent

# if I2P is running, wait for torrent to vanish from the snark UI

# move torrent file back into i2psnark dir

# if I2P is running, snark is going to recheck the data.
# wait for the torrent to return to the snark UI

# upload to postman as usual

# start the torrent

yes it's wonky and it may or may not be better than any other torrent editor to use; there's lots of them

no I'm not going to do a torrent editor UI in snark or a plugin. If anybody wants to, knock yourself out.

Edit: This only changes or sets the primary announce. The announce list (if present) is unchanged. You cannot add multiple announces.

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