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Tue, 10 Mar 2020, 10:51pm #1

This requires a computer with a working I2P router on the same network as your android phone as well as the free app Termux, available in the Google Play Store. Completely optional is the add-on Termux:Widget, which costs a dollar or two, but makes it more convenient.

First start I2P on your computer. I have mine running on a Raspberry Pi so it can run semi constantly.

Enable ssh on this computer however you like.

Then open Termux on your phone and bind the port 7657 to your phone with the command `ssh -NL 7657: [IP OF COMPUTER]` I have a widget on my home screen that I can tap and do this instantly.

Go to the router page and make sure everything is functioning properly. In my experience there is often a clock skew, but I just hit the restart button and let it restart; this often fixes it.

Now bind 4444 to your phone via Termux in the same manner as before.

Go to your browser and configure the HTTP proxy to use port 4444. I will describe how to do this in Firefox, but I'm sure a quick Google should help you should you use a different browser.

Type about:config into the navigation bar. It'll give you a warning. If you wish to configure your proxy, continue on.

Type proxy into the search bar.

network.proxy.http -
network.proxy.http_port - 4444
network.proxy.no_proxies_on -
network.proxy.type - 1

Now load up zzz.i2p and it should work! To turn this off simply set proxy type to 0 and it will not use any proxy. Sorry if this is actually common knowledge. I just figured it out recently and thought I'd share.

Wed, 18 Mar 2020, 05:43pm #2
I2P Legend

Does it work with GrapheneOS or any Android based Ghost Mobile OSes? https://grapheneos.org/


I know that the Z-kruegerrand is down but cheer up! It is not like anybody went to Montana and cashed all the i2p funds.

Fri, 20 Mar 2020, 04:00pm #3

I honestly don't know. I assume it would given you cam still run Termux, but I don't know if some security feature prevents you from fiddling with the ports. But I've never used GrapheneOS, and I can't root any of my devices to test it. But so long as you can run Termux and bind the ports via SSH.