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I visited every site on no.i2p to make this LibreOffice Calc (Excel) document giving descriptions of what was there. « Research Analysis « I2P Development
Fri, 11 Jan 2019, 09:47am #1

File attached. http://zzz.i2p/files/all-eepsites-desc.ods

From the cell in the document titled "Why?":

"No, Inr, Stats, Identiguy, etc. all have a bunch of links to eepsites, almost all of them have no description whatsoever. This has always infuriated me. Why click around if I don’t know what something is? Seems stupid to me. There should at least be a brief description put up by ordinary users right?! Anyways, I took the risk for the sake of sufficient documentation, future researchers studying the I2P network, science, and generally to improve the network. I created this document by clicking EVERY LINK without exception under no.i2p. I chose no.i2p because it is large and has in the TOS “For example doing CP? Try kill yourself instead! Helps the community too!” figuring it would be pretty
safe. But later I realized that every eepsite pretty much is auto added to no.i2p so it’s a pretty complete look at the network. I can’t seem to find any eepsites missing outside of some Russian ones, so the “ethical” chart may be sufficient for researchers to get a rough estimated look
at our darknet. The stats don’t lie, I2P is a VERY clean network! We should take pride in this, it means we are doing something right! Other darknets (Tor, ZeroNet, Freenet, and aspiring projects) should take note of this! Inr has a FEW more eepsites, but only because it grabs eepsites from reg.rus.i2p (russian stuff) in addition to the stuff from no.i2p. In hindsight it may have been better to use inr for the sake of completeness, but I do not speak Russian so I do not know what good it would do. So if you want to click around, be careful as always but by all means go ahead! Use this document as an unofficial guide if you wish! These are my first, very personal impressions with a brief description where applicable. Please improve and redistribute if you are multilingual and want to help! I always recommend using lynx, a text based browser, or disabling images in about:config (Tor Browser/ Firefox) for general darknet browsing safety."

Stats for TOS/Ethics as defined in document:

"Ethical to Unethical Range: 2:336 or 1:168 to 2:176 or 1:88 (Assuming all but 2 are unethical filling in blanks with ‘y’ to using only established data and attributing ‘null’ to unknown variables. Truth is probably closer to first estimate of 1:110) though this still assumes that all 83 unreachable eepsites are not unethical, it is reasonable to assume that several may be. Regardless we can conclude that I2P is A VERY clean darknet just as I suspected."

"Error report: Total errors are 83 out of 320, error types are: Unreachable: 61, Secure connection failed: 7, 503 error: 15. Not including pages “loading” but taking too long to load actual content."

This is far from a scientific paper but it may be useful to researchers interested in published eepsite content on the I2P network.

I plan on using this to add new sites to the I2P Wiki eepsite index!

TOS violations have been reported to meeh, though I could not find contact info for identiguy or a real way to talk to the inr admin. If you know them, let them know a few TOS violations have been found.

I recommended that these services be considered for adding to the I2P router console home page:
"io.i2p, sqz.i2p, tahoeserv.i2p, tracker2.postman.i2p, visibility.i2p." Crypthost's encrypted pastebin may also be of use in hindsight.

File name: all-eepsites-desc.ods
SHA256SUM: 6aeb3aca17ba8c0948184ce4714b0c5717996cf4c98f494ac5c3c11079965c60

Posted to my personal eepsite as well at: red.i2p/research.html or B32: http://fzbdltgsg7jrpz7gmjfvhpcdnw5yrglwspnxqp4z...

Also mirrors here:

fs mirror: http://fs.i2p/sha256/6aeb3aca17ba8c0948184ce471...

red mirror: http://fzbdltgsg7jrpz7gmjfvhpcdnw5yrglwspnxqp4z...

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Fri, 11 Jan 2019, 10:26am #2

great initiative, it will be nice have a description before visiting a eepsite.

Sun, 27 Jan 2019, 08:04pm #3
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Thanks for the report. I removed the ones you mentioned. As long as it's auto imported from stats.i2p or identguy it's accepted at once. If it's filled out in the form, I'll verify them.