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Sat, 14 Mar 2009, 03:13pm #1

Updated Aug. '15
New requirements prohibiting loading of clearnet resources.

Updated Sept. '14
New requirements on the hosting router

Updated Jan. '14
Link to new home page thread and screenshot -
readme.html patches and translations no longer required.

If your site is:

- Broadly useful, in good taste, and of general interest to the I2P community
- Is not an image board (chan)
- Is not a general image host or file host unless it has strict editorial control and TOS (but even so we probably won't accept it)
- If it contains user-generated content, or is a forum, tracker, file host, wiki, or anything allowing user comments, it has English (and native language if different) terms of service posted that prohibits the really bad stuff.
- If it is an index of i2p sites, it does not link to sites with really bad stuff.
- Reliably up for a few months at least
- Will be up 24/7 except for maintenance, updates, etc
- Decently fast (non-crappy home DSL/cable is fine)
- On a router running the current release, and all crypto is supported

...then contact me via email (zzz@mail.i2p), or add a comment below. ** You MUST include the following info ** :
- Affirm that you are the owner of the site in question. We do not add links to sites without permission.
- An email address
- The URL to link to
- The URL of your English terms of service if available or necessary
- If the site is not in English, a brief description of the site in English
- A URL to a 32x32 transparent png icon to display. We will copy this icon into the router console source and serve it locally.
- The license of the icon.
- (Optional) A one or two-word label in English. If not provided we will use example.i2p
- (Optional) a few words or a sentence in English for a popup (tooltip)
- Affirm that the router hosting your site is running the latest I2P release
- Affirm that you will regularly update the router to the latest release
- Affirm that there are no unsupported-crypto warnings on /logs (requires 0.9.15)

Translations will happen through our normal translation process.

Update 2015-08: Your site should not require browsers to load clearnet resources. Please test your site to ensure that clearnet Javascript, CSS, fonts and images are not embedded. Your submission may be rejected for this reason.

Note that these are my policies, and the group consensus may be different. All decisions on inclusion will be made at a dev meeting, generally in IRC #i2p-dev on a Tuesday at 8 PM UTC about 2-4 weeks before a scheduled release. The group decision at the meeting is final.

Space is limited. Not all requests will be accepted, even if they meet all the above criteria.

Ask questions on IRC #i2p-dev.

UPDATED 1/2014 - icon now required; IRC meeting described
UPDATED 9/2014 - Require router to be current and to be updated regularly; require that all crypto is supported
UPDATED 8/2015 - Add note about clearnet resources

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Sun, 15 Mar 2009, 10:24am #2
I2P Legend

Maybe readit.i2p is good enough.

Hmm ... google translate?

readit - a social news website on which users can post links to content on the web. Other users may then vote the posted links down or up

<li><b>Social news</b> - <a href="readit.onion.pethttp://readit.i2p/">readit.i2p</a>;: a social news website on which users can post links to content on the web. Other users may then vote the posted links down or up

<li><b>Sociala nyheter</b> - <a href="readit.onion.pethttp://readit.i2p/">readit.i2p</a>;: social nyhetssida d&auml;r anv&auml;ndare kan publicera l&auml;nkar till material p&aring; n&auml;tet. Andra anv&auml;ndare kan sen r&ouml;sta upp och ner l&auml;nkar.

NL -- tnx google translate
<li><b>Social news</b> - <a href="readit.onion.pethttp://readit.i2p/">readit.i2p</a>;: een sociale nieuws site waar gebruikers kunnen links naar content op het web. Andere gebruikers kunnen dan stemmen de gedetacheerde links omlaag of omhoog

DE -- tnx google translate
<li><b>Social news</b> - <a href="readit.onion.pethttp://readit.i2p/">readit.i2p</a>;: eine soziale News-Website, auf die Benutzer ver&ouml;ffentlichen k&ouml;nnen Links zu Inhalten im Internet. Andere Benutzer k&ouml;nnen dann stimmen die Links gepostet nach unten oder nach oben

just a little sandbox i've got going

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Tue, 17 Mar 2009, 03:38am #3

It's only been back up for 3 weeks so it doesn't seem to meet rule #2
If it's still up a month or two from now check it in yourself

Tue, 17 Mar 2009, 04:51am #4

My eepsite is broadly useless. I suppose that doesn't count :p

Tue, 31 Jan 2012, 02:02am #5

^^ OP updated in anticipation of the new console home page ^^

Tue, 31 Jan 2012, 10:49am #6
Cheech Wizard

I am posting this out of reflex: Website builders are hard wired to promote, promote, promote. So far cheech-wizard.i2p has seen about 670 unique visitors and served about 4.5k page views, woo hoo.

You would be a fool to actively promote my eepsite and probably live to regret it, but it does seem to meet the guidelines - except for the "in good taste" part, I try to avoid that. But nothing on it is related to The Content That Dares Not Speak Its Name, and I believe it's just barely old enough. (Hey, it looks 18 to me.) It's all static xhtml. So far it has two or three nines uptime, depending on the week, and I intend to keep it up as long as I can. If you really are bent enough to promote my mind rotting propaganda, a very adequate Wizard icon in .png with a transparent background is available at ident.i2p. I usually check CheechWizard@mail.i2p about once a day.

Being serious for just a moment: Do you think it would be a good idea to put the new router home page links section in an iframe pointed at a normal HTML doc in a local directory, and automatically update that directory about once a week and/or include a "refresh" button? It seems to me that even "stable, reliable utilities" in i2p space come and go faster than some router versions. Plus, you could pull any site that decided to grossly violate the informal TOS outlined in your earlier post a lot faster and easier that way.

Tue, 31 Jan 2012, 01:37pm #7

Hey, I do appreciate your site, and our musical tastes have at least some bands in common. I'm just not sure if we want to rot our users' brains like that :)

Re: frequent auto update, that's obviously not so easy. But the requirement that the site (and the person) have been around for a while helps us assess the op's character and attentiveness. We've rarely if ever had a problem where a site "went bad".

Also, I've coded a local config page where people can add and remove favorites, so there's a way for people to fix whatever is bugging them without complaining to us.

--- and I think I'll be changing the header from "Recommended Eepsites" to something milder, perhaps "Eepsites of Interest".

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Tue, 31 Jan 2012, 05:46pm #8
Cheech Wizard

Well understood! Best to save the "OMFG they just let ANYbody do ANYthing they damn well please in here??" experience for when they trip over tha Big Hat's site by accident, not on day one. An the post above has already served the whole promotional purpose: Any excuse to see tha site's address in print, is one I has to jump on. It's a neurotic compulsion.

I think "Eepsites of interest" is much better language.

My concern re eepsites "going bad" is not about normal human behavior, but a site that has always been owned by a hostile party playing nice. Until its owner pulls a "Joe job" on us by switching out the site's content for the worst CP Gore a TLA has on file - like the stuff they show to prisoners when threatening their families. This is immediately and very widely publicised on the open interwebs as "typical" i2p content, verifiable by anyone who downloads i2p and follows the convenient, sponsored link. A sustained, State sponsored DDoS attack against all the IPs running routers follows. I been a spook watcher for too long I guess, always looking for the worst angles in everything...

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Wed, 01 Feb 2012, 05:29pm #9

OTOH, the sites we have there now are pretty damn boring. And nobody else has asked, not even halebopp for ident.i2p. So spots are available. Submit the requested info listed in the OP and we'll see.

Re: joe job, sure, it could happen. It does happen (rarely) on sites registered on stats.i2p. I suppose if it happened on a console home page link we would just do a quick console news update saying hey, dont go there (or does that make it worse) followed by a dot release of I2P to remove it.

Thu, 09 Feb 2012, 03:14pm #10

It would be nice to have 1 or 2 sites from each of the big language communities now on I2P (ru, de, fr)

Not sure why we have zero applications so far, in any language...

Fri, 10 Feb 2012, 11:42pm #11
I2P Legend

I've not 'applied' since my stuff's pretty damn boring.

I agree, Eepsites of Interest is much better.

Tue, 14 Feb 2012, 12:34pm #12

Mmm... I not sure, that my eepsite is corresponds to all requirements, but... Rus.i2p is 2 years old, and mainly has stable work, despite a house hosting. Language of the site is Russian. Site haven't "bad" content, and have TOS in Russian about this. The most of content is generated by users (it's wiki-site, powered by mediawiki engine). The most of content - it's "technical" information about i2p, russian eepsites, and some recipes for configuring services into i2p-network.

So, if it's ok, description:

- Affirm that you are the owner of the site in question. We do not add links to sites without permission.

* Yes, I'm owner of rus.i2p - I can prove this, if you give me some key or something else - I can allocate it on the domain, for example how it does stats.i2p

My I2P-Bote Address: rx8JTNMZfh~AMCbpCewRtIUqPwTjirlJdL~C52hGUoPzgQH-9o8Hi7yMQB1bLnr9Y7zqy~kBXpdcR5BuOPnWAn

- URL: http://rus.i2p/

- TOS in English - not available, but we haven't english content. I can write it, if it's requirement.

- Description in English: Russian I2P Wiki, it's user-generated collection of information about i2p, russian eepsites, and collection of some technical manuals.

~~ P.S.: sorry for my bad english )

Tue, 14 Feb 2012, 02:01pm #13

Its not an russian website, but can you add information about http://keys.i2p/ on router index?

Fri, 17 Feb 2012, 04:23am #14

@RuLex Yes sorry either we need English TOS to review, or please provide link to Russian TOS and we will put it into Google translate

@Z6 If you would like keys.i2p on the index please submit answers to all the questions in the OP

Fri, 17 Feb 2012, 02:54pm #15

- I allow to add this site to router console. Proof: http://keys.i2p/humans.txt
- Email: z6@mail.i2p
- URL: http://keys.i2p/ http://6qv4x7ltaxckd4vbay5s4ntqqflq4efk6oke2d5y...
- TOS: N/A. Service just accept PGP keys.
- Description: keys.i2p its OpenPGP Keyserver on SKS. Server database contain full dump of global SKS network and updated every month. Server can be used with browser or any GPG client.
- 32x32 icon: http://keys.i2p/favicon.ico
- License of the image: don't sure about license. :(
- A one or two-word label in English: OpenPGP Keyserver
- A few words or a sentence in English for a popup (tooltip): N/A

Mon, 05 Mar 2012, 12:31pm #16

Hi there,
I am flattered that zzz considers ident.i2p homepage-worthy. Unfortunately, I have just decided that I need to pull the plug on my permanent I2P server. Both for financial, but also time reasons. I simply don't have the time or perseverence to furtherdevelop/admin/monitor the platform.

It was fun while it lasted and the plug will be pulled around 9 March. The source is open and can be retrieved from e.g. http://git.repo.i2p/w/ident.git or directly via

http_proxy=localhost:4444 git clone http://ident.i2p/zwitter.git

I would appreciate if someone was willing to continue running the show.


Mon, 05 Mar 2012, 01:39pm #17

Very sad. Hopefully somebody will take it over. If money alone were the issue, perhaps you could ask echelon for some project funds, but unfortunately time cannot be purchased.

Thu, 12 Apr 2012, 11:42pm #18


keys.i2p has been added.

cheechwizard.i2p and rus.i2p have not provided the requested information.

If there's any other requests or info please add it asap. We will have a final discussion / debate / appeals if necessary on IRC next week,

Tue, 17 Apr 2012, 09:54pm #19

We met today on IRC and reviewed the list of links. It is now final for 0.9, with the exception that killyourtv may add killyourtv.i2p to the list if he desires.

Thu, 19 Apr 2012, 10:38am #20
I2P Legend

It only occurred to me after seeing my bufferlog of the meeting that git.repo.i2p might count as an Eepsite of interest - whoops! I'll chuck the details here anyway - if desired it can always end up in a later release.

Are you the owner: Yes.

Contact email: str4d@mail.i2p

URL to link to: http://git.repo.i2p/

TOS page: http://git.repo.i2p/h/about.html

Icon: The Git logo would be fine - http://git.repo.i2p/git-logo.png is 72 x 27 but could be edited.

Icon license: GPL v2

Label: Anonymous Git Hosting (Or just Git Hosting if two words)

Tooltip: A public, anonymous Git hosting site; supports pulling via Git and HTTP, and pushing via SSH.

Fri, 20 Apr 2012, 02:57am #21
I2P Legend

Eh, may as well put up my own eepsite as well. I'm sure the guides could be useful to someone, and it's probably easier to put up my homepage than list all the services I run.

Are you the owner: Yes.

Contact email: str4d@mail.i2p

URL to link to: http://str4d.i2p/

Icon: http://str4d.i2p/lib/str4d-40x40.png could be shrunk.

Icon license: Public

Tooltip: str4d's homepage

Thu, 26 Apr 2012, 07:40pm #22

just read u made ure selection. Just for fuure times, u may add my site http://theanondog.i2p whereever u want. it's not up for a time long enough, and who knows what happening - i can guarantee nothing, maybe a brick falling on my head, a tsunami or i have to move somewhere, where is no internet connection. But till then the page will be up nearly 24/7...

Fri, 27 Apr 2012, 11:33pm #23
I2P Legend

zzz wrote:

Very sad. Hopefully somebody will take it over. If money alone were the issue, perhaps you could ask echelon for some project funds, but unfortunately time cannot be purchased.

The site has been resurrected and is available at http://id3nt.i2p/

EDIT - the full request:

Are you the owner: Yes.

Contact email: str4d@mail.i2p

URL to link to: http://id3nt.i2p/

TOS page: http://id3nt.i2p/about

Icon: http://id3nt.i2p/media/images/ident_icon_blue.png

Icon license: WTFPL

Label: Ident Microblog

Tooltip: Your premier microblogging service on I2P.

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Sat, 05 May 2012, 06:54pm #24

Guess it's not too early, so here is your Call for 0.9.1 submissions. The IRC meeting we did for 0.9 seemed to work well, so we'll probably do that again, a couple weeks before the release.

EDIT - pending for 0.9.1 - Agenda for Meeting

I'll maintain the list of requests to be reviewed here.

0. Hi, brief review of criteria (#1 above)

1. Proposed for removal:

keys.i2p - down since June 3? http://i2p.to/info-bot.php?page=info&amp;host=k...

2. Complete requests received:

http://colombo-bt.i2p/ - rcvd request via email, copied below (#30)
http://id3nt.i2p/ = request above
http://infowar.i2p/ - rcvd request via email, copied below (#31)
http://git.repo.i2p/ - request above
http://str4d.i2p/ - request above
http://theanondog.i2p/ = request below

3. Incomplete requests received:


4. Anything else and baffer

EDIT - updated

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Tue, 29 May 2012, 07:46pm #25
I2P Legend

Are you the owner: No.

Contact email: personal@robertfoss.se

URL to link to: http://thepiratebay.i2p

Icon: http://thepiratebay.i2p/favicon.ico

Icon license: Public

Tooltip:The Pirate Bay

Wed, 30 May 2012, 09:03pm #26

OK, let's complete the request:
- owner: yes
- email: h4364r@mail.i2p
- URL: http://theanondog.i2p
- icon: http://theanondog.i2p/lib/h4364r.png
- license: public
- label: TheAnonDog
- tooltip: h4364r's Anonymous Daily - news, blog and darknet-directory

Fri, 13 Jul 2012, 03:10pm #27

Review for 0.9.1 will be at 8 PM UTC Tuesday July 17 on IRC #i2p-dev

Agenda at #24 above

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Fri, 13 Jul 2012, 07:24pm #28
I2P Legend

Just to make a note of it: keys.i2p has been down for more than a month. Maybe it'll be a candidate for removal in 0.9.2 (if not 0.9.1).

Sat, 14 Jul 2012, 12:44am #29

ok lets do proposed removals first in the meeting so we dont forget

Sat, 14 Jul 2012, 12:36pm #30

columbo-bt.i2p request copied from May 7 email:

Hi zzz, I don't if I have send you this mail correctly yesterday, if you have already received it sorry.

I am the owner of the eepsite http://colombo-bt.i2p (http://cyr75zgiu2uuzap5zeosforbgvpfbqos2g6spe4q...) nice to meet you. I'm sending you this mail to request you if you can add my eepsite to the router console. Here are all the requirments you have requested:

1. I'm Bl4ck the owner of the eepsite http://colombo-bt.i2p
2. My mail is bl4ck@mail.i2p
3. The URL to link to is my eepsite http://colombo-bt.i2p
4. The eepsite is mostly for italian people, so the content is italian, but the board are multilanguage italian/english. Here are the italian terms and conditions http://colombo-bt.i2p/index.php?action=register
For a CMS bug you can select the board language in english only when registered but here is the english terms and conditions http://colombo-bt.i2p/agreement.txt (I will fix it ASAP)
5. The site would like to be the central node for italian people over I2P, it host torrent files (film, software, anime, games etc..), there is an index of all torrent uploaded to Colombo, and there is a form to upload torrent on Colombo. All torrents have description with all details (example http://colombo-bt.i2p/index.php?topic=641.0) all files are scanned by users and virus free. The only thing is the torrent are normal web torrent, not I2P seeded. This why we want first get ad many people by advertising colombo over the net, and then teach to this people how important is privacy, and teach him to use torrents over I2P. We do not have started to share files over I2P because only few peoples know I2P and most of them give up, after few minutes. So first we want to teach them and then start torrents over I2P. Also I have not found a torrent tracker good for me. You have created greate tracker, but...is opentracker, what I want is a tracker that track only registered torre
nts. Not PHP tracker, java it's ok, c++ is better! (if you can fork xbtt http://xbtt.sourceforge.net/tracker/ it would be great, I have no knowledge about c++ :()
6.Here are the icon 32*32 http://colombo-bt.i2p/colomboicon.png
7. License own Colombo-bt.i2p
8. Label: Colombo-BT.i2p
9. popup label Colombo-BT - The Italian Bittorrent Resource

So what to say, we provide many guides and tutorial for install and use I2P in italian. We provide many tutorials to rip, mux audio video. We will provide tutorial on use of softwares of any type. We have many tutorial on photoshop effects. 70% of our shared files are italian+english language. We are up 7/7 24/24 from almost over 1 year, you can see stats on i2p.to. For now we have small community only 150+ registered users, but we have 4+ active uploaders. We have 1/2 daily new release of files. We want to be a great community forum where people provide help each other, and also a big torrent tracker.

We have our host index
it only have zerofiles, the eepsite we use to host our images

We have created a help blog on the net
where we provide guides to users, to install and configure I2P, and tell him the importance of the privacy on the net. The guides are italian+english

The eepsite is on a server with 100mbps shared to I2P 24/24 7/7 up
we also have a second server as I2P node with 80mbps shared with I2P

We are trying to do our best to take people over I2P, and teach him on how I2P works. We do not request any type of donation, we only provide services to people in italy and all world.

It will great if you will add our site to the router console, so people can find us most quickly, with any other problem, and you can give as mooore advertise in this way.

Sorry for bad english and kilometric long mail.

Thanks zzz for the I2P development and all support you provide on zzz.i2p